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I was glad to read that a covenant marriage, more difficult to dissolve
than the traditional one, is being offered by Louisiana [WASHINGTON
DIARY, July 7]. In this age of throwaway everything, even marriages have
become disposable. Lenient attitudes toward divorce contribute to a
devaluation of marriage. It is no longer the sacred union it was in the
past. I agree that one important way to avoid a divorce is to prevent a
bad marriage from taking place. I like the idea of counseling before a
license is issued. If couples truly believe they will be married "till
death do us part," they may be more careful about making a commitment.
And once married, in a situation where it is not as easy to bail out,
more couples would try to work through their problems. Way to go,
Louisiana! Pave the way for the other 49 states to follow. DEIDRA
MCCARTY Pearl, Miss.

Making a divorce harder to get will almost certainly decrease the
chances that a marriage will go bad. People who enter a covenant
marriage will feel more secure and be more inclined to make the
commitments, sacrifices and investments necessary for marital success.
However, the restrictions on divorce will make life more difficult for
those whose marriage goes sour. Will the beneficial consequences
outweigh the detrimental ones? I don't know, and neither does anyone
else. NORVAL D. GLENN Austin, Texas

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