Ohio Covenant Marriage Bill

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Ohio bill would raise bar for divorce

The Cincinnati Enquirer

Couples marrying in Ohio might soon have a choice between saying ''I
do'' and ''I really, really do.''

Covenant marriage, an idea that became law in Louisiana last week, is
scheduled to be introduced as a bill today in the state legislature.
Under the proposal, couples entering a covenant marriage could divorce
only in cases of adultery, abuse or lengthy separation.

Supporters hope the choice will force betrothed couples to examine the
level of their commitment. They also want to counteract a generation of
no-fault divorce laws, which they blame for a soaring divorce rate
during the same period.

''We need to remind people what marriage is - a lifelong commitment that
is very difficult to break,'' said Rep. Ron Young, a Republican from the
Cleveland suburbs, whose 11 co-sponsors on the bill include some
Democrats. ''I think with no-fault divorce, marriage has become little
more than notarized dating.''

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