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This is an informational message to let you know about a bill in Colorado
aimed at reducing divorce.

The bill is being introduced by Rep. Dave Schultheis (R-Colorado Springs),
and would require a year's waiting period and minimal counseling
requirements (aimed at informing the parents of the impact of the divorce on
their children) for all couples with children who are seeking a divorce.
The bill aims to avoid the overly-creative and cosmetic in favor of real,
substantive divorce reform. Some of you heard about this bill when Rep.
Schultheis introduced it last year. Maggie Gallagher testified in support
of the bill by telephone, and national and international press was devoted
to covering it.

The political climate in Colorado is not yet favorable to substantive
divorce reform, and the odds that this bill will pass this year are long.
However, Rep. Schultheis' goal in running the bill again is to begin to put
into legislative action the momentum which Wallerstein, Gallagher,
Blankenhorn, Waite, Spaht, and many others have created in recent years,
keep the issue hot, hopefully raise the ambitions of legislators and
Governors around the nation regarding real divorce reform, and lay
groundwork for future legislative reformers.

You are receiving this email either because I was able to find your address
in a brief web search for marriage-supportive organizations and individuals,
or because you were connected in some way with our effort last year. We are
trying to get the word out more widely this year. Rep. Schultheis will be a
guest on Dr. Laura Schlessinger's radio program on February 13, 2002 from 2-3pm
MST to discuss the bill and the issue of divorce's impact on children. The
bill has not yet been introduced in the Colorado House, and thus is not yet
available for dissemination. As soon as the bill is available, a copy can
be obtained from us by writing me at this address.
Dave Crater
Office of Rep. Dave Schultheis
Colorado House of Representatives

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